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  • Fight for Cougar Mountain
    Fight for Cougar Mountain

    Cougar Mountain residents are fighting to keep a beautiful portion of Cougar Mountain from being cleared for a 57 unit development. You can help.

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  • Save Cougar Mountain
    Save Cougar Mountain

    A large part of northeast Cougar Mountain is threatened.  Windward Development Group Inc wants to build a large 57 unit residential development there.  Without your help, more of Cougar Mountain may be lost to the public for all time.

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  • Mt. Issaquah?
    . . . WHY NOT?

    What is now West Tiger 3 (one of the five peaks on Tiger Mountain) used to be known as Mount Issaquah.  Somehow, perhaps when the Washington Department of Natural Resources took over, it was absorbed into Tiger Mountain—all five peaks. ...

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