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Dealing with the problem of non-native invasive plants has been a major concern of the club, greater community and land managers.  As invasives such as holly, ivy, Scotch broom, tansy ragwort and butterfly bush displace native plants they also displace native animals dependent on those native plants.  In and around Issaquah the Issaquah Environmental Council (IEC) has been in the lead in removing invasives and re-establishing native plants.  Our club has often partnered with the Council and in some cases has taken the lead.

We will be listing planned events on our calendar and encouraging people to coordinate their personal efforts as well.  The IEC and Issaquah Alps will be sponsoring a number of informal work parties over the next month or so to continue our many years of work to get rid of Scotch broom on public and cooperating owners of privately owned lands.  We have been most successful and efficient in killing broom when it is in full bloom or "early pod" stage.  Broom has largely been eliminated from the Tradition Plateau except in the area around the Puget Sound Energy switching station.  The highly visible broom on the private hillside above Fred Meyer drives us nuts, but we could show and tell you about other large areas that are now nearly broom free and where broom was the dominate plant.  If you or a group would be interested in broom removal or have other questions please call David Kappler, 425-652-2753.

No one has shown more concern and put more effort into removing of invasive plants than Mark Boyar, the leader of numerous preservation and enhancement efforts in the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie.  Hopefully we will have a strong contingent of volunteers taking the training listed below.  The knowledge gained would be helpful in dealing with this problem in all parts of our expanded Alps.

2013 Weed Watcher Training

Link to Upper Snoqualmie Weed Watcher Program Site

Our 2013 training class and orientation for trail weed watchers will be held on June 23 in the conference hall of the North Bend Ranger Station from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To sign up, or for more information, please contact Sasha Shaw. You can also register online through the Weed Watcher Online Reporting Site (after creating a user ID).

We will also be holding two group survey hikes for additional plant ID and survey practice (and fun!) on June 28 and June 30. We will pick the trails closer to the date to make sure they are snow free and ready to survey, but we tentatively plan to meet at the North Bend Ranger Station at 9:00 am to carpool to the trailhead.

The 2013 training program will be a combined training for the Upper Snoqualmie Weed Watchers coordinated by our program and the Wilderness Weed Watchers coordinated by The Mountaineers. For more information on the Mountaineers' Wilderness Weed Watchers, please contact Sarah Krueger or visit the Mountaineers website.

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