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Did you know that paper trash takes up more than 40 percent of landfill space?* It's something to think about.

Media options are changing.  At the IATC, we want to go greener, and some of the money we spend on paper, printing and postage for the Alpiner is better spent elsewhere.  We can do that by expanding the number of people who opt out of the paper copy.

All past issues of the Alpiner, including schedule inserts, are available to all website visitors at http:/Issaquah  The current issue of the Alpiner schedule insert is only being emailed to members who have chosen not to receive the paper copy.

If you wish to help us go green and accept electronic delivery instead of paper by mail, please send an email to with your name, mailing mailing address and email address.  Include “Electronic Alpiner” on the subject line.

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